Olive Oil for Skin Care

Olive oil for skin care may well be one of the most useful natural products in the world. The ancients knew this full well as they applied olive oil to the skin or used it in their cooking. Everyone from the Egyptians and Romans to the Greeks and Phoenicians prized it for a variety of applications. In fact, Roman soldiers even received daily allocations of this precious oil.

It’s Good for You!

From a skin care vantage point, olive oil has high levels of Vitamin A and E, both of which have antioxidant qualities. What’s an antioxidant? It’s a natural substance that helps our immune system fight age-related issues like wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots. Better still, because olive oil is edible you can treat your skin from both inside and out.

olive oil for skin, skin care, homemade beauty products

Skin Care 101

Remember that skin represents the largest organ on your body and it’s the first line of defense against sickness, airborne pollution, etc. That means using olive oil for skin is one way to protect your entire well-being. As an external treatment, olive oil makes a fantastic moisturizer. It also speeds the healing of minor scrapes, acne cars, and wounds due to chlorophyll content.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This is your best choice for skin care. Other types of olive oil receive more processing, which decreases the amount of nutrients with each pressing. Apply a little dab of the oil on dry spots before you go to bed at night. If you have age spots, mix it with fresh lemon juice and apply with a cotton ball. This helps lessen the darkness of those spots while moisturizing the skin. While you’re at it, dab those wrinkles with a little oil too.

olive oil for skin, skin care, homemade beauty products


Once a week exfoliate your skin using sea salt mixed with olive oil. Use a soft cloth to apply the salt blend in small circles over your whole face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. This removes old, dead skin and leaves your skin looking younger and fresher. When you follow these two basic steps consistently you’ll find your skin’s elasticity improves and your complexion softens.

Olive Oil & Basil

No you’re not making a salad (but you could and it would be healthy for you)! Olive oil for skin care works remarkably well combined with fresh basil or basil oil. Like olive oil, basil has antioxidant qualities and it smells delightful. Adding these two to your skin care routine improves the overall health of your skin, and helps control blemishes. If you’re using fresh basil place mix the chopped leaves with olive oil and dab the paste wherever your skin needs it. Lay a hot, damp cloth over top for 10 minutes, then rise. Try this as one of your homemade beauty products as a facial twice weekly.

olive oil for skin, skin care, homemade beauty products

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