Kitchen Herb Garden

With a kitchen herb garden you can begin growing culinary herbs that will add flavor, color and nutrition to everything you cook. 

kitchen herb gardenIt doesn't matter whether you have unlimited outdoor garden space or none at all. Having an indoor culinary herb garden is a real treat.

If you love cooking, you know how wonderful it is to be able to add a burst of color and flavor to your recipes with fresh herbs. If you have ever purchased herbs at your local grocery store or even at a farmers' market, you know that they can sometimes be pricey and it is often difficult to preserve them in their natural form for very long.

Kitchen herb gardening is the perfect solution because it allows you to have all of the culinary herbs you love at your fingertips and, since they are potted, they last until you are ready to use them.

Basil, of course, should have a primary role among your kitchen herbs, but there are so many other herbs that are used in everyday cooking that you will definitely want to have a variety.

One of the problems that you might run into with growing kitchen herbs is space. What if you have a small kitchen? Where will you put your garden?

AeroGardenOne solution is the Mini-Garden Stacker because...

  • It is stackable, so it doesn't have a big footprint. It takes up less space.

  • Each level holds three different plants, so you can plant a larger variety of herbs in a small space.

  • It can be hung or placed on a countertop or windowsill, so you have options regarding where to put it.

  • It can be used indoors or outdoors, so if you have a backyard, porch or patio, you can move it outside in the warmer months and bring it in for the winter, which means that you can have fresh herbs all year long.

You can purchase the Mini-Garden Stacker by itself for around $35.00, but I recommend taking advantage of this particular set that comes with the Indoor Culinary Herb Garden Kit, which give you 12 different herb seeds as well as the materials to get your seeds started before transferring them to your Mini Garden Stacker. It really is a fantastic way to give yourself a beautiful, versatile and functional kitchen herb garden. Click on the picture of the Mini-Garden to go to the AeroGrow store.

Start Your Kitchen Garden Today!

In addition to the stackable garden kit mentioned above, here are a few more options to consider. There are a variety of different indoor gardens and accessories. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, click on the store name to go directly to the store's website to search more easily.

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