Herbal Pain Relief

Looking for herbal pain relief, homemade herbal remedies or herbal remedy products? You’re not alone! It’s estimated that in the United States alone over 50 million people suffer with chronic pain, costing billions of dollars in medical expenses. Pains, both large and small, cause discomfort, distraction, and generally undermine your body’s immune system.

Understanding Pain

Pain isn’t always a bad thing. It tells us something is wrong and acts as wake up call to pay attention to something specific. When you cannot logically locate the reason for pain, it’s good cause for a doctor’s visit. Pain hurts – but pain I also trying to communicate with you. Don’t ignore it.

There are two different ways in which pain impacts us – emotionally and physically. From the physical standpoint, acute pain is sharp and swift like bumping your elbow on a corner. Chronic pain has various levels of intensity but it never fades. The way in which each person experiences pain and handles it is wholly unique (the emotional element). Herbal remedy products typically target one of these two aspects, which means you may need more than one item to begin getting relief.

Pain Relieving Herbs

Some of the phytochemicals in Holy Basil have antioxidant attributes. That means they fight free radicals in your body, particularly those that undermine the circulatory and nervous system. This allows the body to function efficiently for longer periods of time even when under extended duress. Those types of result put Holy Basil in the category of an adaptogen. That means, just like it sounds, that it normalizes physical function and helps our bodies “bounce back.”Mentally speaking some people turn to aromatherapy to return to a calm space. Aromatherapy acts on our emotions – the lower our stress levels, the lesser the pain. One good example here is a headache. Once anxiety wanes the throbbing typically slows. Lavender or basil both get used for this purpose.

herbal pain relief, homemade herbal remedies, herbal remedy productsIn terms of topical applications numerous herbs work well when rubbed into swollen or inflamed areas of the body. Examples include ginger, juniper, pine, mint, St. John’s Wort, turmeric, rose, clove, and birch. These herbs have proven analgesic value. Or, for something that relieves pain from the inside out try willow bark tincture, which acts just like aspirin.

Note that different herbs help with different types of pain. Aloe eases burns, Evening Primrose oil soothes sore joints, Lemon balm acts as a tonic calming your system, peppermint calms IBS pain, and turmeric acts on arthritis. Some herbs only help relieve your pain while other target specific underlying conditions. While there are no guarantees, herbal pain relief gives you a natural, manageable product that’s less likely to have nasty side effects compared to commercial synthetics.

What about Basil?

Michigan State University concurs that basil acts a bit like aspirin when taken internally. There is an enzyme in the herb that provides anti-inflammatory action that calms over-stimulated nerves. Basil is most commonly recommended for minor bruises, sports injuries, arthritis, and headaches.


Individuals who are pregnant, nursing or who have chronic ailments requiring on-going medication should not take any herbal supplement without consulting a physician. Some herbs cause allergic reactions and some interact negatively with prescription drugs.

NOTE: The information provided above, as with everything on BasilBasics, is subject to the Disclaimer. This is not intended to be medical advice, and we suggest you consult with your physician prior to altering any course of action.

Sources for Herbal Pain Relief

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