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The hair beauty products aisle of nearly any market is crammed full with hair and beauty products that all claim to make your hair look luxurious, thicker, brighter and, well, more beautiful! But how do you go about choosing from all these options? You could try making your own homemade beauty products, but that takes time and a little know-how. The best way to invest in the best beauty hair products for you is by reading labels and knowing for what to look.

Dry as a Bone

People with dry hair, particularly those who blow dry their hair, need some type of moisturizing shampoo. Good ingredients to watch for include olive oil, shea butter, and aloe. Seed oils also help nurture dry hair and you can buy these separately from commercial products and apply it only where the hair needs it the most, like on your ends.

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Oil Slick

People on the other end of the spectrum with oily hair need a shampoo that offers clarifying. This kind of product also helps if your hair looks dull even if it feels greasy. Dullness indicates conditioner or soap buildup, which detracts from hair’s natural shine. Products with sulfates clarify effectively, but do a test spot on your skin first. Some people find it irritates and itches. Also baby shampoo works very well and inexpensively as a clarifier.

Treated Hair

Color treated hair, and people with perms need gentle products that won’t strip out the chemicals that provide the color or curl. Treated hair also often needs a moisturizer to nourish the processed stands. Cleansers with ingredients like soy, Vitamin E, citrus, Zinc and sunflower seem to help treated hair heal, while also protecting the end-result.

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Taming frizz can prove daunting. One product’s too oily, another doesn’t do enough! The best option in hair beauty products for on-going frizz is a natural leave-in conditioner, preferably with some type of SPF protection. Hot oil treatments may help too since they condition deep-down and have the added benefit of refreshing the natural shine in your hair.

Turn up the Volume

Volume-improving beauty hair products come in both cream and spray form. Sprays work best at the root level, lifting the hair and giving it support away from the scalp. Individuals with thin hair should opt for light mouse. Remember to apply mouse when your hair is still wet and work it into your hair starting from the roots outward.

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Thinning Hair

For men and women both who experience thinning hair, there are hair products aimed at keeping your current hair healthy while stimulating hair growth. These products include basil. A simple basil oil massaged into the head heals your hair and scalp. By so doing it improves your scalps ability to protect hair follicles. If you find a basil product that includes ivy burdock and fenugreek – that’s a great trinity for treating your hair.

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