Care For Basil Plant

It is easy to care for basil plant. All you have to do is follow the use it or lose it rule. Basil loves to be used. The more you use it, the more flavorful leaves it will produce for you.

care for basil plant Ease of care is one of the reasons that basil is such a great herb to start with if you are a beginner herb gardener.

After planting all you have to do in the beginning is make sure your plant is adequately watered.

How do you know when your basil has enough water?

It is very easy to monitor the moisture level of your basil plant. Of course, if you have done the proper prep work during the planting process maintaining consistent moisture will be even easier...

  1. Plant in loose, nutrient-rich soil
  2. Provide proper drainage
  3. Cover with mulch after planting to help retain moisture.

Always test the moisture level of your plant before watering. Just stick your finger into the soil around the base of the plant, underneath the mulch.

If the soil feels very wet and soggy, do not water. You will run the risk of over-watering.

If the soil feels damp and warm, do not water. Your plant is at the ideal moisture level.

If the soil feels slightly dry, water until the soil feels damp and warm. Do not let the soil around your basil plant get very dry. Check the moisture level daily to maintain consistency and keep your plant happy.

What else can you do to keep your basil happy?

Another tip that will help you care for basil plants is to prune often.

Once your plant is established and beginning to grow tall and branch out, you can begin to prune it. Before flowers appear you should cut the main stem from the top, leaving at least one set of young "branches" with leaves.

Once you begin pruning your plant will begin produces more leaves. The more often you prune, the more leaf production you will get, so prune often and get the most out of your plant.

If you begin to see flower buds forming, but that particular stem does not seem ready for pruning, cut the sprig of leaves just below the flower bud, before the bud opens. Once the flower bud opens, the leaves on that stem may begin to taste bitter and you may not want to use them.

All in all, it is very easy to care for basil. Just maintain consistent moisture and prune, prune, prune.

Ready to Grow Your Own Basil Plants?

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